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Nat Chan: Why studios still burn things for fire scenes?

Writer: Heidi Hsia

Natalis Chan shares what he thinks about the recent "Amazing Spring" incident.

24 Sep – Hong Kong actor Natalis "Nat" Chan recently expressed disappointment after hearing the news that several actors of the upcoming movie "Amazing Spring" were injured in a fire accident that occurred on the set of the movie in Malaysia.

As reported on On CC, the actor, who himself had suffered from burns while filming a movie in the past, stated that there was no reason for the production to film a burning scene in the modern age where it could have been done with computer effects.

"Why is it so necessary for them to use real fire? Do a lot of people have to die to make films?" he asked.

As for actress Sharon Yeung, who suffered second-degree burns on seven percent of her body from the fire, Nat stated that the actress has always been a strong person.

"I wish her a speedy recovery. She relies a lot on her strength to make a living," he said.

Back in 1982, Nat spent 40 days in hospital after a stunt backfired when seven gasoline bombs blew in instead of out while rehearsing for TVB Anniversary Gala.

Photo Source: On CC)

Cinema Online, 24 September 2018