"Kingsman" movie releasing in 2019 will be a prequel

"Kingsman" movie releasing in 2019 will be a prequel

Ralph Fiennes is reportedly leading the "Kingsman" prequel.

1 Oct – Just last week, producer and director Matthew Vaughn set 8 November 2019 as the North American release date for his third "Kingsman" movie.

Presumed to be the threequel that will complete his Taron Egerton-starring "Kingsman" trilogy, now the Daily Mail brought news that the upcoming 2019 movie will instead be a prequel.

The prequel, currently only known as "Kingsman: Untitled" will be set in World War I, so we won't see Egerton leading as Eggsy here.

Ralph Fiennes (from "Bond" and "Harry Potter" franchises) will instead be starring in it, as the man who would be Kingsman.

Reportedly, the movie will have fictional storylines based on the real life Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, which included Kingsman as a unique rank. The rank, said to be the equivalent of a private, was included in the Regiment for more than a century.

Harris Dickinson ("The Darkest Minds", "Maleficent II") will join Fiennes in the prequel, which is slated to begin filming early next year.

Harris Dickinson was most recently seen starring as Liam Stewart in "The Darkest Minds".

This doesn't mean the threequel is not happening. We will still see Egerton, along with Colin Firth as Harry Hart, returning for a continuation to the 2014 and 2017 "Kingsman" movies.

We just don't know when this is happening since Vaughn seems to be focusing on the prequel for now.

There are also conflicting reports saying that the 2019 movie will still be the Egerton-starring "Kingsman 3" that will conclude the main trilogy, and that the Fiennes-starring prequel will instead be set for another date.

But until Vaughn reveals more details on his upcoming "Kingsman" works, we won't know for sure.

As previously reported, there will be more "Kingsman" works to come, including a spinoff movie called "Kingsman: The Great Game", a second spinoff focused on the American agents played by Channing Tatum, Halle Berry and Jeff Bridges in the 2017 sequel and a TV-series.

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