Rizal Halim exits "Keluang Man Zero"

Rizal Halim exits "Keluang Man Zero"

Who will replace Rizal Halim?

24 Apr – Malaysian Australia-based director, Rizal Halim, made a surprise decision when he opted out of directing the superhero movie "Keluang Man Zero" adapted from the popular television series, "Keluang Man".

"My initial intention was to help the producers, the brand's IP (intellectual property) owner, and some of the artists already on board the project.

"However, when we were discussing about it, I decided to withdraw from the project because of certain aspects," he said to Astro Awani.

Rizal refused to reveal the reason he exited the project and apologised to all involved.

According to Rizal, the movie already has its own brand and fans, so it will be easy to get audiences to the cinema to watch the movie.

Before this, Rizal became the first local director to direct a movie in Australia through the horror flick "Lurking Woods" which was released here last year.

Rizal will appear in his second movie called "Tainted Gateway", a romantic actioner.

The film is expected to be released sometime next year.

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