Spice Girls bringing their "girl power" to the big screen

Spice Girls bringing their "girl power" to the big screen

Spice Girls is bringing their girl power to an animated movie.

26 Mar – Spice Girls might not be reuniting for a tour anytime soon but they are definitely reuniting for an animated movie project.

Variety reported that the English girl group are voicing an animated superhero-themed movie, where all five of the group members will play characters that are based on their personalities and likenesses.

In addition, each character will be given unique superpowers – or "girl power" – that will correspond with each member's characteristics. Fans would be aware that the girl group has always had nicknames assigned to each member.

Emma Bunton is known as Baby Spice, Geri Halliwell is Ginger Spice, Melanie C is Sporty Spice, Mel B is Scary Spice, and Victoria Beckham is Posh Spice.

This news follows recent rumours of a possible reunion tour, which was later debunked even by Beckham herself, but acknowledged that they had met to explore some new opportunities together.

While the idea of a reunion tour was considered premature, the animated superhero movie concept was positively approved by the girl group and they are committed to seeing this project through.

The project is still in early stages of development and is looking for various potential production partners to help realise it.

Spice Girls was a popular '90s girl group and has since impacted the music scene not only with their record-breaking singles, but also by their brave statement of feminism that encourages female empowerment around the world, making their involvement of the planned movie the perfect fit.

(Photo source: Victoria Beckham's Instagram)