Lin Min-Chen pairs up with Thai actor for "A Moment of Happiness"

Lin Min-Chen pairs up with Thai actor for "A Moment of Happiness"

Lin Min-Chen will be back in another CNY movie in 2020.

15 Jul – After showing off her acting chops in this year's CNY movie "A Journey of Happiness", Malaysian actress Lin Min-Chen is set to star in another CNY movie next year called "A Moment of Happiness".

Playing the female lead, an internet sensation named Zhen Zhen, the actress pairs up with Thai actor Tul Pakorn who will be her love interest in the movie.

Tul plays Nat, a prince from Thailand who starts a relationship with Zhen Zhen after stumbling upon her online. Zhen Zhen is a poor girl but she's created a princess image online with her best friend Zitomira. When her love story with the prince goes from online to the real life, she ropes in her father to help her continue the illusion.

Will this couple get their happily ever after? We'll find out when the movie opens during Chinese New Year 2020.

Tul speaking to the media at the press conference for "A Moment of Happiness".

During the recent press conference for the movie, Tul said that he was happy to be able to work with the multi-nation cast, which includes Hong Kong's Mimi Chu and Susan Shaw Yam-Yam, Singapore's Henry Thia, Malaysian swimmer Welson Sim and Thailand's own internet sensation Happy Polla.

Since his rise to fame in 2016, thanks to his starring role in the Thai rom-com series "Bad Romance", the 26-year-old has yet to make his move to the big screen – until now.

The main and supporting cast taking a group photo together.

Produced by Aron Koh and Ryon Lee, the latter who also wrote the script, this RM2.5 million production is filmed mainly in Kuala Lumpur as well as in Betong, Thailand. Aside from screening in Malaysia, "A Moment of Happiness" will also be made available online in Thailand, China and Singapore.

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