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Dante Lam misses chance to work with Ringo Lam

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

Dante Lam regards Ringo Lam as his idol.

2 Jan – Hong Kong filmmaker Dante Lam recently expressed sadness over the death of director Ringo Lam.

As reported on On CC, Dante, who has been busy working on his new movie, "The Rescue", told the media that he was shocked upon hearing the news because of how sudden it was.

"He was my idol. The final massacre scene in my previous movie, "The Stool Pigeon" was actually my salute to his own [1988] film, "School on Fire"," he said.

Asked if he had ever met the filmmaker, Dante revealed that actor Nick Cheung once helped arrange a meeting between the two of them.

"I always tell people that I want to collaborate with Ringo Lam in the future. But now I will never get the chance to do that. That's very regrettable," he said.

Director Ringo Lam was found dead at his home in Ma On Shan on 29 December. He was 63.

(Photo Source: On CC)

Cinema Online, 02 January 2019