Djimon Hounsou will have to stay quiet in this horror sequel

Djimon Hounsou will have to stay quiet in this horror sequel

Djimon Hounsou steps in to star as Brian Tree Henry exits "A Quiet Place" sequel.

13 Aug – A Quiet Place" is already gearing up for its sequel when star Brian Tree Henry has to exit due to scheduling conflicts; in comes Oscar-nominated Djimon Hounsou to the rescue.

Deadline reported the cast switcheroo but did not specify the exact role, as is with for the most part of the movie, it is kept under wrap.

It is only known that it's a starring role alongside returning cast Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe, joined by Cillian Murphy.

Also not revealed were the exact reason of Henry's departure but since it's due to scheduling issues, it could be because he is set to play Phastos in Marvel's "The Eternals", which is starting production this fall. He will also be seen in next year's "The Woman in the Window", the undated "The Outside Story", and the "Untitled Lila Neugebauer Project" that co-stars Jennifer Lawrence.

This is the second time since last year that Hounsou has swooped in to save the day. He did the same for "Shazam!", to play the wizard when Ron Cephas Jones had to exit – also due to scheduling conflicts.

Hounsou, having appeared in "Serenity", "Shazam!" and "Captain Marvel this year, has one more movie to wrap up the year, "Charlie's Angels". He has two 2020 movie lined up, this "A Quiet Place" sequel and "The King's Man".

"A Quiet Place 2" (also referred to as "A Quiet Place: Part II"), opening in cinemas on 20 March 2020, follows the Abbott family who continues their life of silence, this time joined by a mysterious stranger, as they avoid turning prey to the extra-terrestrial creatures that hunt by sound.

John Krasinski will be directing his own script, with Platinum Dunes' Andrew Form and Brad Fuller producing with Michael Bay.

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