Fan Bingbing replaced with another actress in "355"?

Fan Bingbing replaced with another actress in "355"?

Fan Bingbing (second from left) shared this photo in May 2018 when she
first revealed her involvement in "355".

19 Sep – Rumours of Fan Bingbing being banned from leaving China reignited after it was alleged that the actress was a no-show on the set of her new Hollywood movie, "355".

As reported on HK01, the actress, who was announced as part of the cast that includes Jessica Chastain and Lupita Nyong'o prior her tax evasion scandal, was earlier rumoured to have been banned from leaving China as she hasn't been seen filming the movie thus far – a rumour that has not been addressed by her studio.

But it was recently further fuelled by the admission of some reporters, that they had seen Chinese actress Lu Ning instead of Fan on the set of the drama in France. Some photos were also taken, showing Lu standing among the other cast member while filming a scene.

Lu Ning was spotted filming Hollywood movie, "355" (Photo source: Sohu).

In one of the photos, Lu Ning was seen with facial tracking markers on her face, which is used for facial motion capture.

It is noted that the said actress has similar figure and appearance to Fan, which sparked speculations that she could be the actress' body double.

While some are speculating about Lu replacing Fan in the movie, others are more sceptical, saying that it could just be that Lu is playing a different role in the movie.

(Photo source: Fan Bingbing's Twitter)

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