Jack Tan's movie picked for film festival in Singapore

Jack Tan's movie picked for film festival in Singapore

Jack Tan stars as Ah Qiang in "Shuttle Life".

18 Jan – Jack Tan-starrer "Shuttle Life" has been chosen to represent Malaysia at the first ever Singapore Mental Health Film Festival.

The Tan Seng Kiat-helmed movie is set to be the closing film of the film festival, which is taking place from this 21 to 24 February.

It was selected together with six other movies from around the world, which focus on the subject of mental health issues.

Qiang with his little sister and mentally unstable mother.

"Shuttle Life" tells the story of Ah Qiang (Jack Tan) in the city, who's tested with many challenges and life pressure relating to his mentally unstable mother and a problem regarding his little sister.

The movie won the Special Jury Award at the 29th Malaysia Film Festival.

The movie also made Malaysia proud by winning eight awards at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), 12th Chinese Young Generation Film Forum Awards, Malaysia International Film

Festival & Golden Global Awards and 1st ASEAN China Film Festival.

Starring alongside Jack Tan are Sylvia Chang, Angel Chan, Mei Yan Gan.

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