"Mulan" reshoots will not add in new scenes

"Mulan" reshoots will not add in new scenes

"Mulan" will undergo reshoots, just not as extensive as earlier reports claimed.
"Mulan" will undergo reshoots, just not as extensive as earlier reports claimed.

22 Oct – Disney's upcoming live-action flick "Mulan" is facing another setback, as it was recently revealed that it will be undergoing several reshoots.

An earlier report made by TheDisInsider claimed that the reshoots would take four months to complete as it would focus on "significant battle sequences" but Sina's Tracking Hollywood has disputed the claim.

No new scenes will be added to the movie, the new report stated, so the reshoots shouldn't last to that extend. Instead of months, it is likely that the reshoots will only take one to two weeks.

The additional photography is reportedly "very common for most Hollywood blockbusters".

It was not mentioned whether it is only the battle sequences that will be reshot but as mentioned, there will be no additional scenes or major changes to be made to an existing scene that would prolong the reshoots.

Sources claimed that one of the reasons for the reshoots was the lacklustre response from recent test audience, with some expressing disappointment that it differed too much from the previous animated feature.

Despite Disney's attempt to present a different path for "Mulan" in its remake, many were frustrated that the new movie eliminated the beloved sidekick Mushu and did not even add the classic song "Reflection".

Earlier in August, the Disney live-action remake was in danger of being boycotted by the public, after star Crystal Liu expressed her support for the Chinese government and the Hong Kong police amid allegations of police brutality in the ongoing political unrest in Hong Kong.

Disney remained tight-lipped about the issue, while the actress herself was a no-show at the D23 Expo.

"Mulan" is scheduled to be released in March 2020.

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