New cinemas that open in Malaysia before year's end

New cinemas that open in Malaysia before year's end

One of the three new cinemas is mmCineplexes MesaMall (pictured left), the first ever cinema in Nilai.
One of the three new cinemas is mmCineplexes MesaMall (pictured left), the first ever
cinema in Nilai.

15 Nov– The year is coming to an end and local exhibitors are welcoming it with a bang!

By that, we mean that everyone is busy rolling out new locations so that moviegoers will have great cinemas to hang out at to enjoy the movies that are hitting the big screens before this year's end.

The freshest of the batch, which has yet to open to the public but is set to welcome moviegoers with open doors soon, is none other than mmCineplexes MesaMall.

Located in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, the new mmCineplexes outlet is the first cinema to open in the district.

mmCineplexes MesaMall features a sharp, contemporary look.

mmCineplexes MesaMall houses 9 halls with a 1088 seating capacity. Two of the halls stand out with their unique elements. The first is the Deluxe Hall which features The Mezzanine; two rows of seats located on the upper level, allowing more privacy for cinema patrons.

As the arrow indicates, The Mezzanine is accessible via a private upper-level entrance.

The second is the ELITE Hall, which has only twin seats, catering – again – to cinema patrons who prefer a little more privacy.

There are also handy side tables for cinema patrons to place their food and belonging
while enjoying their movie.

To celebrate its opening, mmCineplexes MesaMall will be holding free screenings of movies soon. Stay tuned for the updates!

The various seats available at the new TGV cinema: INDULGE seat (grey), Milano
Rocker seat (red) and the Siesta seat (blue) (Photo source: TGV Cinemas).

While Nilai is only getting its first cinema, Johor Bahru recently welcomed another two new additions, bringing the total of cinemas in the southern city to 13 at the moment.

TGV Cinemas recently opened its latest outlet, located on the third floor of Toppen Shopping Centre, that has a total of 9 halls with a seating capacity of 1443.

Its special features include a Family Friendly Hall; the first FLEXOUND hall in South East Asia, which features the Milano Rocker Seats that are embedded with speakers boosted by FLEXOUND Augmented Audio; the first TGV Deluxe+, which has new Premium Glide and Glide seats installed throughout the hall; the first TGV Prestige, which offers both INDULGE seats and Premium Glide seats; and TGV Infinity, which features Premium Glide seats, the Siesta seats, and INDULGE seats as well as a Premium Large Format screen powered by Christie's RGB 4K laser projector.

GSC invites cinema patrons to be at their comfiest in this new ultra-luxe cinema.

The second recently opened cinema in Johor Bahru is the new GSC located at The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey.

What's different about this new outlet is it's GSC's first ultra-luxe boutique cinema known as Aurum Theatre. Aside from its opulent interior, the one thing that sets it apart from other locations is its inclusion of beds – yes, actual bedframes with mattresses – in the GETHA Lux Suites.

It also features other ultra-luxe halls with private cabins and thematic theatres (which come with contemporary dining and personalised service).

The new ultra-luxe cinema, Aurum Theatre, is a new concept by GSC.

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