"Sepet" to be screened in Tokyo cinemas this October

"Sepet" to be screened in Tokyo cinemas this October

Orked (Sharifah Amani) and Jason (Ng Choo Seong) in one of the scenes in "Sepet" (2005).

19 Sep – It's been more than a decade since it was first released in local cinemas but "Sepet" continues to be a favourite among moviegoers, and not just in its home country Malaysia.

Much like how its female lead Orked adores Japanese movies, Japanese audiences reciprocate the love by loving the phenomenal works of the late Yasmin Ahmad just as deeply.

Not only was a 10th year anniversary held in Tokyo last month in remembrance of the filmmaker's sudden passing a decade ago, "Sepet", one of her most highly acclaimed works, is also set to be screened to the Japanese public next month.

The beautiful story of "Sepet" transcends culture and language.

As shared by FINAS on Facebook, "Sepet" will be screened in the Uplink cinemas in Shibuya and Kichijoji, Tokyo.

The screenings will begin from this 11 October for a duration of two weeks.

Starring the likes of Sharifah Amani, Ng Choo Seong, Harith Iskander and Adibah Noor, "Sepet" first opened in local cinemas on 24 February 2005 and went on to win Best Film at the 18th Malaysia Film Festival that same year.

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