What Malaysian cinemas are doing during the self-imposed closures

What Malaysian cinemas are doing during the self-imposed closures

Support local cinemas by purchasing their products online.
Support local cinemas by purchasing their products online.

6 Nov – Cinemas in Malaysia are currently undergoing self-imposed temporary closures that begun since 1 November 2020, following the extension of the reimplemented Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in certain states and federal territories late last month.

While CMCO is expected to end this 9 November, cinemas for now will continue to be closed until the end of the month. Cinema closures, albeit temporary, present a problem not only for moviegoers who will miss their movie outings, but also for film exhibitors in trying to keep their businesses afloat.

Ever since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was first implemented in March, it has left local film exhibitors unable to generate revenue the standard way, which is with movie screenings, leading them to turn instead to e-commerce platforms to push their other products, such as merchandise and concession food.

With the recent reinstated RMCO, film exhibitors are feeling the pinch even more. MBO Cinemas CEO Mr. Cheah Chun Wai, as seen in the video below, has reached out to moviegoers to explain the situation that cinemas are facing and what moviegoers can do to help their favourite cinemas.

MBO Cinemas CEO Mr. Cheah Chun Wai hopes for moviegoers' continuous support.

For MBO Cinemas, it is currently selling BT21, Shin Chan, "Mulan", and "Birds of Prey" tumblers on its own Shopee Mall page (shopee.com.my/mbocinemas).

Meanwhile, GSC for now has suspended its concession food delivery on GrabFood but is still selling on its online store (shop.gsc.com.my) #GSCAdmin merchandise that include tote bags, T-shirts and masks, and movie merchandise such as "Minions" and Disney character Funko Pop vinyl figures as well as limited edition "Ultraman" shirts.

Get ready to stock up on your #GSCAdmin merchandise during this 11.11 sale!
(Photo source: GSC Cinemas' Facebook)

Don't forget to support MBO Cinemas and TGV Cinemas' online stores too!
(Photo source: MBO Cinemas' Shopee | TGV Cinemas)

Another film exhibitor that has embraced e-commerce is TGV Cinemas, whose products can be purchased via its newly launched online store (tgv.com.my/eshop). Products available include movie, F&B, and experience passes that can be purchased now and used later once cinemas resume operations. Also available are gift cards and various movie merchandise such as Deadpool and Wonder Woman vinyl figures.

Moviegoers' continuous support for local film exhibitors, by purchasing products from their online stores, can help ensure that there will be cinemas to return to once the pandemic is under control.

(Photo source: TGV Cinemas' Facebook)

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