CO Movie Day: "Bloodshot"

CO Movie Day: "Bloodshot"

One of the Kapoww Entertainment cosplayers came dressed as Vin Diesel a.k.a. Bloodshot.
One of the Kapoww Entertainment cosplayers came dressed as Vin Diesel a.k.a. Bloodshot.

12 Mar – Cinema Online (CO) Movie Day returns this March! Lucky readers of Cinema Online who won our "Bloodshot" screening contest got the chance to watch the action movie in cinemas one day prior to its official release date.

The screening was attended not just by the winners but also these Kapoww Entertainment cosplayers.

The screening of the Vin Diesel-starrer was held at MBO Cinemas Tropicana Gardens Mall, Kota Damansara, attended by a big crowd of fans and cosplayers.

Chrishanne Sebastiampillai is one of Cinema Online's long-time fans and
has never missed a chance to join Cinema Online's contests.

One of the excited winners was Chrishanne Sebastiampillai, who is also a big fan of Vin Diesel's action roles.

"I'm not exactly a big fan of Vin Diesel, but I really like his action movies. He has this hero charisma that's different from other heroes. Another thing that makes me excited for the movie is its storyline, which seems unique to me," she said.

Shazeela Ahmad posing with the tickets he won.

Another winner, Shazeela, is also a fan of Vin Diesel and was excited to see what his favourite actor will bring to the big screen this time around.

"If I'm not mistaken, Vin Diesel's character is adapted from a popular comic so I'm looking forward to see how Vin will portray the character in the movie."

Hashikin and Aduka prioritise a movie's storyline rather than its cast.

Meanwhile, for Hashikin and Aduka, they were not focused on the cast, rather it was the storyline that attracted them to watch the movie.

"We already know that the movie has a strong cast, but to us, the unique storyline is the main reason why we want to watch "Bloodshot"."

Tan Yune Lynn and her friend were happy when they won a pair of passes to the screening of "Bloodshot".

They were among the winners who were willing to go through traffic jams for the
sake of catching "Bloodshot" a day before its official release in cinemas.

The Dave Wilson-helmed movie tells of a Marin, Ray Garrison, who is brought back to life by a group of secret scientists. Following his resurrection, he now possesses superpowers.

Attending the screening dressed as Bloodshot didn't mean he got to just breeze in!
He still needed to get his ticket to watch the movie.

Aside from Vin Diesel, "Bloodshot" also stars Eiza Gonzalez, Sam Heughan, Toby Kebbell, Guy Pearce and more.

"Bloodshot" opens in cinemas nationwide starting from today, 12 March 2020.

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