Vin Diesel spotted in Australia, possibly for "Thor 4"

Vin Diesel spotted in Australia, possibly for "Thor 4"

Fans might be hearing Vin Diesel saying "I am Groot" quite a few times in "Thor: Love and Thunder
Fans might be hearing Vin Diesel saying "I am Groot" quite a few times in "Thor: Love and Thunder".

17 Nov – "I am Groot". By that, we mean Groot is most likely making an appearance in the upcoming "Thor: Love and Thunder" too.

There's no official confirmation at the time of writing but Vin Diesel, the actor behind Groot's iconic line, has been spotted arriving in Australia, where the Marvel movie will begin filming next January. Screen Rant reported that a video was uploaded on the Kobie Thatcher YouTube channel showing the actor's arrival. He could be seen leaving the plane and getting onto a charter bus.

It was uploaded last week but only gained more attention after news broke over the weekend about Chris Pratt's involvement in the fourth "Thor" movie.

If Diesel really is in Australia for the MCU project, this marks Groot as the second "Guardians of the Galaxy" character to appear in the movie, after Pratt's Star-Lord.

Will the fun dynamic between Star-Lord and Thor continue in "Thor: Love and Thunder"?
Can't wait to find out!

Fans who have been following MCU news – or at least Diesel's updates – closely wouldn't be so surprised, since Diesel did mention back in March that "Guardians of the Galaxy" characters will be featured in the new "Thor" instalment. Their adventure will then continue in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3", which director James Gunn has confirmed will be set after "Thor: Love and Thunder".

Aside from featuring Pratt and Diesel, the movie will also see Chris Hemsworth reprising his role as the titular superhero. Natalie Portman returns as Jane Foster and will also be taking on the role of Female Thor, while Tessa Thompson is back as Valkyrie and the King of New Asgard. Christian Bale's villain role remains unnamed for now.

"Thor: Love and Thunder", with Taika Waititi returning in the director's chair as well as the voice of Korg, is currently scheduled for release in North American cinemas on 11 February 2022.

(Photo source: DNA India)

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