"Kelaster" is a horror tale of students stranded at college during MCO

"Kelaster" is a horror tale of students stranded at college during MCO

"Kelaster" features Nora Danish, Meerqeen and Achey as the main cast.

22 Sep – Inspired by the situation during the Movement Control Order (MCO) that was enforced since last March until May, production company D Alpha Legacy (M) Sdn Bhd has taken this chance to produce a horror comedy called "Kelaster".

During MCO, almost all industries, including the education industry, were badly affected to the point that many college students across the country found themselves stranded at their respective campuses.

Sanjay Kumar Veerasingam, "Kelaster" executive producer from D Alpha Legacy, recently expressed his happiness over the fact that his production's first telefilm will begin airing soon on Astro First (480).

"The idea to produce "Kelaster" stemmed from incidents that took place during the MCO which we adapted into an interesting story.

The actual shoot took just six days and I commend the cast and crew for their commitment in making this a success," he stated.

Meanwhile, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad, Vice President, Head of Astro Shaw & Nusantara, said that they were pleased to have had the chance to work with D Alpha Legacy for the first time to present a story that touches on an ongoing issue.

"Kelaster" also marks Nora Danish's comeback after her two-year absence from films and it is set to be the first film appearance for Hero Remaja 2020 second runner-up, Meerqeen.

Aside from Nora and Meerqeen, the horror comedy also features Azhan Rani, Achey and Amyza Aznan as part of the cast.

Written and directed by Razif Ajiboy Rashid, "Kelaster" follows Ain, Usop and Zul who have to remain in their hostels when they cannot make it back to their hometowns due to MCO.

They begin to face strange disturbances and to make matter worse, they learn of a horrific incident wherein their every single move is being watched.

"Kelaster" will begin airing this 24 September.