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"Mahathir: The Journey" cancelled filming in Japan

The script had to be rewritten to suit the new location.
The script had to be rewritten to suit the new location.

20 Feb – "Mahathir: The Journey" was forced to cancel its plan to film in Hiroshima, Japan, following the current worldwide spread of COVID-19.

According to producer Yusof Kelana, the director, cast and production crew were all prepared to do their filming in Hiroshima late last month, but it had to be cancelled and the location had to be changed to Langkawi.

"We cancelled several scenes that involve the Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, along with his wife, as well as special officer Sufi Yusof travelling to Hiroshima following his resignation in 2003.

"Based on the script, there were four to five important scenes that were set to be filmed in Hiroshima. However, we didn't want to take any risks since some of the crew members hail from China," said Yusof, as reported by BH Online.

Following this, Yusof said the script had to be rewritten in order to fit the storyline in Langkawi, aside from the production having to look for an actor who is fluent in Japanese to portray the NHK World Japan reporter who previously conducted an interview with Dr.Mahathir.

Yusof also revealed that the filming, which cost RM6 million, has just wrapped a couple of days ago.

The Reliance Media Group Sdn Bhd film, directed by Professor Dr Hatta Azad Khan, stars Azhar Amir, Fauziah Latiff, Lizdawati, Ning Baizura, Dian P Ramlee, Hilal Azman and many more.

"Mahathir: The Journey" is expected to open in local cinemas this July.

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