New release dates for "Spider-Man 3", "Mission: Impossible 7"

New release dates for "Spider-Man 3", "Mission: Impossible 7"

Both Toms aren't looking too happy with the date changes.
Both Toms aren't looking too happy with the date changes.

27 Apr – Hollywood studios aren't done shuffling their release schedules just yet. In fact, one studio's decision to shift their movies' dates can cause a ripple effect on other studios' schedules.

Such is the case with the Tom Holland-starring "Spider-Man 3", which is distributed by Sony but co-produced with Disney's Marvel.

According to The Verge, Sony has shifted the follow-up to "Spider-Man: Far from Home" and "Spider-Man: Homecoming" to 5 November 2021. It was originally set for release in North American cinemas on 16 July 2021.

Since the movie is part of Disney's MCU, the studio is accommodating the move by rescheduling "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" and "Thor: Love and Thunder" as well, even though both these sequels have also recently been moved to new dates.

With "Spider-Man 3" now occupying the "Doctor Strange" sequel's November slot, the Benedict Cumberbatch-starrer will be opening on 25 March 2022 instead. This reverses the release order of the two movies as the second "Doctor Strange" movie was originally slated to open before Holland's third "Spider-Man" movie.

Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth's third "Thor" solo vehicle gets an earlier release date, moving up a week from 18 February 2022 to 11 February 2022.

Another one of Holland's movie under Sony, "Uncharted" co-starring Mark Wahlberg, has been moved to an earlier date, from 8 October 2021 to "Spider-Man 3's" original release date of 16 July 2021.

Fellow MCU star Chris Pratt will only be seen in Paramount's "The Tomorrow War"
next year instead of this December.

Over at Paramount Pictures, the studio has also been busy giving new dates to its movies.

Tom Cruise's "Mission: Impossible 7", which had to stop filming in Italy last month when the COVID-19 pandemic worsened, has been pushed from 23 July 2021 to 19 November 2021.

This forces its follow-up "Mission: Impossible 8" to move too, from 5 August 2022 to 4 November 2022, facing off against "Shazam! 2" and an untitled Disney movie.

As for Chris Pratt's "The Tomorrow War", after being previously pulled from its 25 December 2020 release to accommodate another Tom Cruise-starrer, "Top Gun: Maverick", it finally has a new release date of 23 July 2021.

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