More than 80% of Malaysians want cinemas to practice strict SOPs

More than 80% of Malaysians want cinemas to practice strict SOPs

Malaysian moviegoers want reopened cinemas to be frequently sanitised.
Malaysian moviegoers want reopened cinemas to be frequently sanitised.

18 Jun – Cinema Online, Malaysia's Favourite Movie Site, once again ran a survey for the benefit of the industry, this time focusing on the sanitisation Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) moviegoers want in place at the cinemas once they reopen.

The findings were more definitive. Moviegoers will return provided strict SOPs are in place. However, they will not give up on having food or snacks (concessions) while watching a movie.

Key findings of the survey are as follows:

81.1% of concerned movie-lovers in Malaysian want all cinemas to put in place SOPs that ensure ALL the following – Must wear face masks; Must have temperatures taken; & Sanitisers to be made available outside every hall.

74% of respondents say cinemas must sanitise their premises, counter tops, kiosks, tables, chairs as frequent as possible – prefer to have staff stationed at these posts, for assurance that it is seen done.

• A whopping 85% demand that hall seats and door handles are sanitised after EVERY movie session.

• A strong 81% prefer kiosk and online ticket purchases. However, they can consider counter purchases provided strict SOPs are in place.

75% prefer to buy the concessions online and collect them at the counter rather than queue.

72% will eat in the movie halls – even if it means removing their masks.

59% are cool with 3D movies provided the 3D glasses are sanitised after every movie.

This independent survey, conducted nationwide over a 2-week period on Cinema Online's various platforms and social media, had over 500 respondents from ages 15 to 60.

Dev Shadank, the Marketing Director of Cinema Online, reiterated, "Our first survey, held in May 2020, showed that over 60% of moviegoers are eager to return to the cinemas once they reopen. In this second survey, it is highly likely that the returning numbers could increase IF cinemas take these findings to task and sustain their SOP initiatives for the peace of mind of movie-lovers."

"Cinemas will always remain a key entertainment platform for the public and we at Cinema Online continue to ensure that we do play our role within this eco-system, in bridging concerns and views from moviegoers to the cinemas and movie distributors for strategic purposes – be it movie promotions, concession drives or on-ground activations," Dev Shadank added.

Cinemas across Malaysia, be it from major or smaller cinema chains, have been on temporary closure since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was enforced by the local government on 18 March 2020.

On 7 June, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) that went into effect from 10 June, until this 31 August, which allows the reopening of certain economic sectors. However, cinemas will remain closed until further notice.

As such, local moviegoers haven't been able to visit their favourite cinemas to catch the latest movies. But with new movie releases being firmed up globally, we believe that cinemas will open their doors soon.

(Photo source: mmCineplexes)

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