Teaser trailer for Canto-pop queen Anita Mui biopic released

Teaser trailer for Canto-pop queen Anita Mui biopic released

27 May – After three years in production, Edko Films has finally released the first teaser trailer of its upcoming Anita Mui biopic, aptly titled, "Anita".

The 40-second clip released by Edko features the lead actress in a wedding dress, as she walks back stage at a concert stadium towards screaming fans with her song, "Sunset Melody" playing in the background.

"I've dedicated my entire life to all of you, to the music and to the stage," the voice expressed, as her song played in the background, revealing that the movie will be released this year. The scene depicts Anita's last show in Hong Kong, in which she held a series of eight shows at the Hong Kong Coliseum in November 2003 and appeared in a wedding dress - a symbolic act of her "marrying the stage" and to her music.

Although the teaser did not reveal the face of the actress who plays the Canto-pop queen, rumours are rife that the singer will be played by newcomer and Beijing Dance Academy graduate, Wang Danni (also known as Louise Wong), who married Luo Xiaoyong last year.

Rumour has it that Louise Wong plays Anita Mui in the movie

A scene from the teaser trailer

Edko Films' executive director Bill Kong, who spoke about the movie, shared that the idea of an Anita Mui biopic actually came following a meeting with the singer herself, who approached him in 2003 to do a movie with her.

"At the time, [director] Zhang Yimou and I were making "House of Flying Daggers". I created a role especially for her, but unfortunately, it could not be realised due to her passing. For many years, I kept thinking about her unfulfilled dream. Although regretfully we couldn't work on that movie together and fulfil her dream, I hope to do so by making this movie," he said.

Anita Mui wore a wedding dress in her last concert prior to her passing

Bill stated that he found a suitable director, script and actress to play Anita more than three years ago.

"It took more than three years. After looking for the most suitable candidates across Asia, we finally found this newcomer who plays Anita in the movie. Without her, we wouldn't have started filming the movie, and as well, we would not finish "Anita Mui" without the caring director, Longmond Leung," he added.

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