Corey Feldman: No chance for "The Goonies 2"

Corey Feldman: No chance for "The Goonies 2"

"The Goonies" theme song was sung by Cyndi Lauper
"The Goonies" theme song was sung by Cyndi Lauper

9 Jun – Despite the numerous articles throughout the years discussing about the possibility of a sequel to the 1985 movie, "The Goonies", one of its stars Corey Feldman recently stated that such a project is unlikely to be realised now.

The actor, who plays the aptly named cheeky-tongued character Mouth in the movie, shared as much with Dread Central, stating that he feels that the project will not come to fruition after hearing that the 91 year-old Richard Donner, who helmed the classic film produced by Steven Spielberg, has instead chosen to direct "Lethal Weapon 5" as his last project.

"I don't know what the hell it is. But all I know is that when I found out my dear friend Richard Donner had signed on to do "Lethal Weapon 5" as his swansong, well, that pretty much sewed up the rumor mill right there," he said. "It's done. We can't make [The Goonies 2] without [Donner]. And [Donner's] off shooting guns with the Lethal Weapon people."

The boys from "The Goonies"

Corey Feldman (right) and "Lord of the Rings" star Sean Astin as child actors in "The Goonies"

Corey Feldman plays Clark "Mouth" Devereaux in the said 1985 film

However, Feldman stated that the cast still would like for it to happen, despite nothing being done about a sequel.

"And that is the shame of it. Because, just like when we did the Zooms last year, I mean it doesn't matter how many grey hairs everybody's got on their faces, the love is still there. And the family feeling is still there. And I know that secretly, each of us weeps at night wishing that there was that magical [The Goonies 2] script landing on our doorstep the next day. But unfortunately and sadly, it still has not arrived," he said.

The 1985 film co-starring Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Joe Pantoliano, Jeff Cohen, Key Huy Quan, Robert Davi, Anne Ramsey, and Martha Plimpton follows a group of misfit kids who set out on a journey to find a missing pirate treasure in hopes to save their homes from foreclosure.

Josh Brolin played the big brother Brand Walsh in the film

Corey Feldman with his Goonies co-star Key Huy Quan (who played Data),
all very much grown up now

Goonies' 25th Anniversary with director Richard Donner, Jeff Cohen (Chunk),
Corey Feldman (Mouth), Sean Astin (Mikey), and Curt Hanson (Mr. Perkins)