"Cruella" costume designer thankful for Emma Stone's injury

"Cruella" costume designer thankful for Emma Stone's injury

Cruella should be a style icon in her own right
Cruella should be a style icon in her own right

6 May – Jenny Beaven, the costume designer for Disney's upcoming live-action flick, "Cruella" recently admitted that Emma Stone's previous injury was actually a blessing in disguise for the team.

The designer, who worked with Stone in the upcoming origin story of the "101 Dalmation" villainess Cruella De Vil, stated that many people thought that the actress' shoulder injury that occurred just before filming started would negatively impact the production - except for her and her team, that is, as it meant more time for them to prepare for the costumes.

"We originally only had 10 weeks prep. We gained an extra six weeks cause Emma Stone had a minor shoulder injury that needed a lot of rest and recuperation for which saved our lives. And we blessed her on a daily basis. So we got actually sixteen weeks of prep," she said.

Jenny Beaven created more than 40 looks for Emma Stone's "Cruella"

"And then, of course, you're obviously working through the filming schedule because you only ever can, you know, you're working in schedule order. You don't do the end of the film first, or the end of the schedule first. You have to keep working at it."

Beaven was able to create over 40 original looks for Emma Stone's character Estella, who later evolves into the famous villainess known as Cruella.

On the other hand, the English costume designer admitted that "Cruella" was not her biggest challenge, and that the hardest project she had ever taken was "Mad Max: Fury Road", for which she has won Best Costume Design at the Academy Awards in 2015.

Jenny Beaven working on the movie

"Because that was so out of my comfort zone. But it also opened up a virtually a whole new career for me because having done a huge amount of lovely period dramas particularly English sort of Victorian ages and regency. I think people were slightly surprised that I could tackle the post-apocalyptic world in a rather disgusting way," she said.

"Cruella" is set to be released in theatres and Disney+ Premier Access on 28 May.

Jenny Beaven won an Oscar for her "Mad Max: Fury Road" creations

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