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"Geran" to be shown digitally in the US

Writer: Heidi Hsia

"Geran" has been re-titled for the US audiences
"Geran" has been re-titled for the US audiences

4 Jun – Filmmaker Areel Abu Bakar is elated that his film "Geran" is making history by being a part of the line-up for a digital platform in the United States.

According to the director, the Layar Pictures production will be part of the Well Go USA platform, one of the most active distributors of Asian movies in the North America market using the title, "Silat Warriors: Deed of Death".

The film is titled "Silat Warriors: Deed of Death" for its released in the North American market

Areel revealed that the offer to be part of the platform came after the movie's participation in the 19th New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) last year. In fact, the film nabbed the Daniel A. Craft Award for its excellence in action.

"It was a wonderful opportunity, which we received in November last year. Hopefully, this will be the best start to continue to introduce our artistic heritage to the international stage," Areel enthused.

Filmmaker Areel Abu Bakar is ecstatic that his film is shown on an international platform

The movie - which revolves around the martial arts of silat Gayong Pusaka along with the theme of family and brotherhood - stars Namron, Khoharullah Majid, Feina Tajuddin, Fad Anuar, Megat Shahrizal dan silat choreographer, Azlan Komeng. It follows a family who is trying to defend their honour and their land from being taken away, after the youngest brother disappeared and mortgaged the land title grant to a loan shark.

The movie is also part of Well Go USA's highlights in June as the platform recently posted on its official Twitter account.

Cinema Online, 04 June 2021

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