John Krasinski floats idea of "A Quiet Place Part III"

John Krasinski floats idea of "A Quiet Place Part III"

 I swear I was just looking for squirrels in the attic
I swear I was just looking for squirrels in the attic

31 May – John Krasinski once admitted that he had not thought about making a sequel to his 2018 horror movie, "A Quiet Place". But now the idea of a third movie is not so impossible.

The actor, who made his third directorial effort through the said movie and recently presented the second one, recently revealed that wife and co-star Emily Blunt told him - while reading the screenplay for Part II - that the story felt like a second part in a book trilogy.

Krasinski directing award-winning wife, Emily Blunt

There could be Part III

"It's interesting," he said. "I genuinely hadn't thought about a second one when I was doing the first one. However, I really had these questions while I was doing it. I put the fires out in the distance in the first one, and I always thought to myself, 'Wouldn't it be cool if we got to explore where those fires lead to? Who's on the other end of those fires?' But I never thought that there would be a sequel."

"So then when I actually came around to writing the sequel, I started with the fires. And so this time, I think when my brain started wandering of questions of what would this mean later on, I started to write down notes in case I could prepare myself for a third one," he added.

However, that is the extent of the idea of a third movie for Krasinski, who is still mum as to what direction he will take the movie if there is to be a third instalment.

On the other hand, Part II is already making a splash at the box office, with experts predicting that the movie will hit the USD 60 million marks in four days.

Power couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have two daughters together

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