"Kampong Pisang Musikal Raya Istimewa" made RM2.0 million in ten days

"Kampong Pisang Musikal Raya Istimewa" made RM2.0 million in ten days

 The folks from Kampong Pisang are back again
The folks from Kampong Pisang are back again

9 Jun – It's another win for Mamat Khalid, the new multi-million dollar man, after it was revealed that his new film, "Kampong Pisang Musikal Raya Istimewa", made RM 2 million at the box office in just ten days.

The news was confirmed by Astro Shaw & Nusantara head and vice president Raja Jastina Raja Arshad, who revealed that scenes, dialogues, and characters from the movie even went viral on social media.

"This is even more exciting when many are entertained. In an indirect way, it proves that this film has managed to get the audience away from the pressure for a while, especially in this current situation," she stated.

Awie returns as Husin in the movie

Raja Jastina also hopes that the movie will be able to attract more viewers to watch it at home during the MCO.

"Kampong Pisang Musikal Raya Istimewa" revolves around the residents of Kampong Pisang on the eve of Raya; from Husin returning to the village with his new girlfriend, Barkoba reuniting with a former girlfriend who left him for another, to Pak Din who is saddened that his son couldn't be home to celebrate Raya with him.

The movie stars Datuk Awie, Bell Ngasri, Kazar Saisi, Aziz M Osman, Afea Deana, Joey Daud, Nazeeera Sardi, Siti Elizad, Kaka Azraf and many more.

Prior to the aforementioned movie, Mamat Khalid released a hybrid comedy film of his two franchises, "Kampong Pisang" and "16 Puasa" titled "18 Puasa di Kampong Pisang". The movie made RM 3 million in just ten days via Astro First.

The cast of "Kampong Pisang Musikal Raya Istimewa"

Mamat Khalid's "18 Puasa di Kampong Pisang" was a hit when it was released on Astro First in April

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