Loki is most popular Marvel-inspired baby name in 2020

Loki is most popular Marvel-inspired baby name in 2020

Many parents have been 'inspired' by the God of Mischief
Many parents have been 'inspired' by the God of Mischief

22 Oct – Did you know that there are currently 135 one-year-olds named Loki in the US?

That is according to the US Social Security Administration, which recently released its data regarding the upward trend in parents naming their children after popular Marvel characters.

According to the data, Loki is the most popular Marvel character name to be given to kids in the country, no matter that the character is the god of mischief in Norse mythology and considered a supervillain (before that whole Disney+ Loki series).

The second most popular name also came from the world of "Thor", though it's not the god of thunder himself, but his "Ragnarok" companion, Valkyrie, with 128 children named after the character played by Tessa Thompson in the movies.

Valkyrie is also a popular choice among parents

On the other hand, Thanos, which was a famous choice back in 2019 when "Avengers: Endgame" came out, is now not so popular, thank God, though there are still some who decided they would let their children go to school with that name.

On the other hand, several other Marvel character names that have become popular choices include the Winter Soldier himself Bucky, as well as "Guardian of the Galaxy" own Star-Lord, Peter Quill - though it was the "Quill" that struck people's fancy instead of "Peter".

This is nothing new in popular culture though. In 2016, Kylo became one of the most popular choices for parents following the release of the "Star Wars" sequel trilogy, and Khaleesi was among the favourites in the early 2010s when "Game of Thrones" was at its peak.

People choose Loki and Valkyrie over him? Thor is not amused

"Remember that time everybody named their daughters by my title and then they suddenly decided to make me a Mad Queen? Fun times."

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