Mamat Khalid's son determined to resume late father's projects

Mamat Khalid's son determined to resume late father's projects

Khalid Amen wants to honour his late father
Khalid Amen wants to honour his late father

27 Oct – Determined to follow in his father's footsteps, Mohd Khalid Amen, the fourth child of late filmmaker Mamat Khalid, recently stated that he will try to resume Mamat's upcoming movie projects to ensure his legacy.

Speaking to the media about the filmmaker, the 25-year-old stated that it would be something that Mamat would want him to do, saying, "A few weeks before he left us, he asked me to take care of our mum and the family. He also gave me a lot of opportunities to direct."

When mentioned that FINAS will be happy to help resume a historical epic titled "Pasir Salak Pasir Berdarah" that Mamat wrote in 2017, Amen stated that he would do his best although he is not yet confident to helm such a big project.

Khalid Amen and his late dad

The late filmmaker leaves behind his wife and five children

"I have to study first all of papa's movies with the knowledge he bestowed me," he said. "Praise be to God, I still have papa's friends who I can ask from like Aziz M. Osman and Hassan Abdul Muthalib. Papa had a lot of friends who were supportive of him and I am sure they will help us. Of course, it will not be the same as his own work, but I will continue to learn and make an effort."

It is noted that Mamat has had numerous movie ideas both finished and incomplete for his future projects that he didn't get to do following his sudden passing on 24 October. This includes, "Kampung Pisang Berbuah Dua Kali", which will see Joey Daud, who plays the role of Daud M in "18 Puasa Di Kampong Pisang" and "Kampong Pisang Bersiri-siri", playing the lead.

The said movie was originally scheduled to begin filming next month.

The father and son enjoyed music together

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