Paramount gets female writer to pen original Star Trek feature film

Paramount gets female writer to pen original Star Trek feature film

5 Mar – A new Star Trek movie is set to be produced by JJ Abrams' studio Bad Robot, to be penned by writer and producer Kalinda Vazquez.

Vazquez, who is already a familiar face in the Star Trek community having written and co-produced "Star Trek: Discovery", will be reviving the franchise on the big screen, nearly five years following the last movie, the 2016's "Star Trek Beyond".

Sources claimed that the new movie will be an original idea that Vazquez hatched. This would be her first ever feature film project, making her the first woman to write a Star Trek movie.

Kalinda, who was named after the Kelvan character Kelinda from "By Any Other Name" episode of "Star Trek: The Original Series", is known for many television projects such as "Prison Break", "Once Upon A Time", and "Nikita".

Kalinda Vazquez was named after Star Trek character Kelinda

She was also recently tapped to collaborate with George R.R. Martin for the HBO series, "Roadmarks".

It is noted that there have been several Star Trek projects that had been in development - including one hatched by Abrams and filmmaker Quentin Tarantino - though all of them are currently on hold.

The last big screen adaptation was the 2016's "Star Trek: Beyond".

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