Jim Carrey will reprise famous roles if Christopher Nolan helms it?

Jim Carrey will reprise famous roles if Christopher Nolan helms it?

The Pet Detective may return
The Pet Detective may return

8 Apr – Jim Carrey has had many popular movies, and in this era of sequels and reboots, it is easy to pick any one of the titles and make it anew.

But according to the actor, there is only one way for people to make him return to his previous roles; be it Ace Ventura, Stanley Ipkiss, or Ernie the Cable Guy - and that is by letting a great filmmaker direct it.

"I think after the fact when there's been a lot of years, unless some genius person, director, auteur comes to you with a completely new take on what's going on, you know. If Chris Nolan came to me and said "I want to make Ace Ventura real and I want to do something, you know, something more interesting..." then I might listen," he said.

The actor has numerous memorable characters throughout the year

But on a more serious note, Carrey believes that it will never be the same for him.

"After a certain time, there's not one cell in your body that is that person anymore so you end up just imitating what you did in the old days and the original inspiration isn't there," he added.

Hey, if Christopher Nolan can revive the Batman franchise, who's to say he can't recreate his magic with The Mask, eyh?

Imagine this, but with a Hans Zimmer score

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