Historical epic "Mat Kilau" ought to be emulated

Historical epic "Mat Kilau" ought to be emulated

The fight and struggles of our past warriors must not be forgotten
The fight and struggles of our past warriors must not be forgotten

23 Jun – At long last, the historical epic "Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan" is ready to be released on the silver screens.

The film's trailer, which was launched on 16 May, has heightened the excitement and received positive responses from netizens through social media.

Producer and managing director of Studio Kembara, Abdul Rahman Mt Dali said that his team had wanted to realise this film by sharing about the highly admired and esteemed Malay warriors as recorded in our annals of history.

"Many are not aware that the British had kept records of the anti-colonial warfare under Mat Kilau that had caused and resulted in much destruction and losses to them."

"Mat Kilau was a leader who held firm to religion, the Malay culture, love for his country and land, as well as the willingness to sacrifice oneself against foreign encroachment in all kinds and forms."

"Misconstrued and incorrect historical records must be put right. He was an icon that defended his land and country and not a rebel as what the British has labeled him to be in."

"The contributions of this warrior should not be forgotten, and instead should be held in high esteem and to be emulated by our people," he continued.

The production of the film costs RM8.0 million and it took 8 years to realise this film.

Under the direction of Syamsul Yusof, the film stars Adi Putra as the eponymous warrior Mat Kilau Imam Rasu or Mat Kilau. Adi is supported by a string of talented actors including Wan Hanafi Su as Tok Gajah, Beto Kusyairy (Wahid), Khir Rahman (Usop), Fattah Amin (Awang), Ali Karimi (Brahim) and Johan As'ari (Yassin).

"Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan" tells the story of the fight and struggles of Mat Kilau with his father Tok Gajah and his friends in opposing the colonial British rule in Pahang in 1892.

The British had reaped the resources and the Pahang lands that belonged to the Malays as well as having interfered in the customs, culture and religion of the local Malays.

Unwilling to accept the audacity and rules of the British whose tentacles spread across the land, Mat Kilau with his father and friends rose up and fought against the British.

His brilliance in planning the warfare and attacks against the British had caused much losses and destruction that culminated in an intense final, earth-shaking epic battle.

"Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan" is ready to shake the cinemas starting 23 June.

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