Movie BlockBusta! weekend

Movie BlockBusta! weekend

Here are more pictures taken during Movie BlockBusta! at Queensbay Mall, Penang from 12-13 June 2010.

20-hour Movie Marathon Challenge!

This guy won a 42" Plasma TV for the Movie Marathon! Crazy man, just crazy...

Captain Jack Sparrow: "Thank you! This is just what I need for those lonely days in the high seas."

My big brother a.k.a the Ninja!

Ninja: "Keep this up & you'll be as good as me one day!"

I have a crush on a certain female snowy owl. All right, stop pointing everyone! It's Hedwig *blushes*
Professionals at work colouring Shrek characters. Shhhhh!


Relax kid, I won't even hurt a fly...

Don't all of us just look adorable in this picture?

A kid teaching the adults how to do the Mr. Bean dance!

Great work kids, we will give you a call if you are selected for the upcoming film "Karate Kids".

Popcorn eating competition! Do you have what it takes to eat popcorn like never before?

The winners! Let me tell you my secret of winning the competition, I eat popcorn for every movie I watch.

Wizards seem to like sports equipment, perhaps for Quidditch?

Movie characters parading through the food court.

One step nearer and I won't hesitate to use my weapon.

War Machine and Hellboy not so friendly?

Careful now...

His gun looks interesting... If only my paws could hold it.

Hellboy: "No one will harm these kids while I am here!"

Wah, uncle! You not scared ah?

Yeah, teach mean ol' Freddy a lesson!

That kid's got spunk. Will she be our very own Hit-Girl?

Captain Jack Sparrow seems to a big hit. I'm going to get myself some dreadlocks too!
Please don't shoot me!!!
A duel to a finish Voldemort! Oops, I mean Jack Sparrow.

Movie BlockBusta! runs from 4 to 14 June 2010 at Queensbay Mall, Penang!

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