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Cinnamon caught in love triangle?

Writer: Peter Chai

Photos taken at the press conference of "Gerimis Mengundang", on 28 May 2012, at TGV Sunway Pyramid.

The cool Kamal Adli!

Kamal, please don't sleep! Listen to what director Ahmad Idham says.

I wonder what are Datuk Md Afendi Hamdan and Ahmad Idham looking at. Anything interesting up there?

Kamal and Olivia being naughty.

The very flashy director, Ahmad Idham!

We finally met, Azwan!

Lovely smile!

Don't worry about the banner, Olivia. I'll take care of it.

The beautiful Olivia and me.

Looks like she likes me!

Ha, you're the last!

But it's never too late to pose with me, Kamal!

Cinema Online, 29 May 2012

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