Lion dance for "Dance Dance Dragon"?

Lion dance for "Dance Dance Dragon"?

Pictures taken on 28 February 2012 at Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Café in Sunway Pyramid

I like the decor here! The car looks built for me!

All the solemn looking chairs readied for the event.

Kat Goh looks surprisingly down-to-earth!

I may be a young lion, but I know who Aunty Lai Meng is!

Dennis Chew dresses like the zookeeper I ran away from.

Kym Ng looks very elegant as usual.

I may be a lion, but I'm a lion who's a fan of Melvin Sia!

Kat Goh is holding me!

I like being held. It's nice!

It's a group shot! Too bad I'm not in it...

This is such a 'd'awww' moment.

Look at me dance!