I hear sounds of "Kepong Gangster"

I hear sounds of "Kepong Gangster"

Photos taken during the visit of the "Kepong Gangster" recording studio on 18 July 2012, at SS3, Petaling Jaya.

I'm excited to sing a song for "Kepong Gangster"!

The recording studio.

Can you guess who this is?

It's songwriter-singer Jovi Theng!

Emily is one of the singers for the "Kepong Gangster" soundtrack.

Nice to meet you, Emily!

Can someone help me put on the headphones?

Since no one wants to help me, I'm going to sit on the speaker to listen better.

He's so focused on his work.

Does he know that I'm sitting beside him?

He can't stop working even though I'm in front of him!

Finally, director Teng Bee!

Teng Bee and his sound engineer.

Nice smile, guys!

What are you looking at, huh? Watch "Kepong Gangster", or else!

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