Cinnamon's Summer Musical!

Cinnamon's Summer Musical!

Photos taken at the press conference of "London, The Summer Musical", on 18 May 2012, at Amphitheatre in Sunway Lagoon.

The stage of "London, The Summer Musical"!

Are you guys coming for this show?

I'm sure the seats will be full when the show starts.

The host.

Let the show begin!

Hi, Captain!

The lovely couple.

Har-har-har, I love their expressions!

Beth, can you ask Sam to give me some water? I'm thirsty, too.

Chris Colby, the man behind the musical.

Hi, cutie!

Boys, please don't hide! Come take pictures with me.

Why are you guys running away from me?

Finally I got to pose with you all.

I know you want me more, Beth!

Sorry everyone, I just snuck into your practice session because that's what lions do.

Nice smile!

Can you do this?

Can I sit on their back too?

Hope to see you guys again!