Cinnamon visits Universal Studios Singapore!

Cinnamon visits Universal Studios Singapore!

Photos taken on Saturday, 26 October at Universal Studios Singapore.

Getting ready for Universal Studios Singapore! Must look good, especially for pictures!

Cinnamon needs a cup of coffee to kick-start the day!

To get to USS, you need to get on the MRT to Harbour Front station. You're welcome!

Finally got my tickets, ready to roll!

First ride of the day - TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle! Look what I found..

Ooo.. What are these?

3D glasses, check! (No pictures or video footage were taken on the Transformers ride, sorry guys! But I had so much fun on it!)

Next, to Ancient Egypt! Hey you two, be mindful of strong winds! This park is for kids too..

Look guys, I took a group photo with Rick O'Connell and Evy Carnahan from 'The Mummy'!

Queuing up for rides is really tiring.. waiting time can go up to an hour! This Canopy Flyer ride only lasted 53 seconds!

Ooo could this be a real dinosaur...?

Check out the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster in the background! Unfortunately that ride has been closed since July this year for an attraction review.

Tiring day, time for a snack!

Thank you for the awesome experience USS! I will be back!
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