"The Twilight Saga" marathon for fans

"The Twilight Saga" marathon for fans

The Cathay Cineplex team ready to kick-off the much anticipated marathon.

26 Nov – Following the highly anticipated release of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2" in Malaysia on 22 November, a movie marathon was held for the first time ever in Malaysia for fans at Cathay Cineplex, e@Curve on Friday, 23 November.

The movie marathon screened all five instalments of "The Twilight Saga" back-to-back, starting with "Twilight" until "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2". The event was scheduled to begin at 9pm, but fans were eagerly queuing up since 8.30pm in order to obtain better seats.

Many came prepared with sleeping bags, pillows, toiletries and a change of clothes as the marathon was estimated to be as long 10 hours.

The long line of fans.

When asked why they were willing to marathon "The Twilight Saga", a few replied that it was because they are hardcore fans while some said that it was because the marathon is a good opportunity to refresh their memory of the films since "Twilight" premiered four years ago and catch up on the ones that they missed.

An Edward Cullen standee is also available for photography opportunities with fans.

A fan taking a photo with Edward Cullen.

Cinema Online also ran a contest for "The Twilight Saga" marathon and here are some of their pictures:

His partner was the one who was eager to participate in the "The Twilight Saga" movie marathon.

Two best friends who are also "Twihards"!.

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