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Futsal & Friends

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

Friends of Cinema Online who participated in the CO 15th Anniversary Futsal Tournament last weekend.

As part of Cinema Online's 15th Anniversary Celebrations, a second sporting match was held over the weekend on 13 April where friends of the company gathered in a friendly futsal match!

Pitted against one another in 6 teams that were named after popular musicians of the 80s and 90s, like ABBA, Scissor Sisters, Village People, Boney M, New Kids On The Block (NKOTB), and Bronski Beat, the camaraderie were all smiles as they jokingly hustled and tackled their way for the win on the futsal court.

An avid football fan, Cinema Online's director Marcel Lariche said that the futsal event is a good way to meet and gather friends of Cinema Online outside from the usual corporate setting by engaging them in a friendly competition on court.

Scissor Sisters who won 1st place with ABBA who won 2nd place at the tournament pose together for the winner's group photo.

"Very often we see one another during work functions and events, so what better way is there to socialise in a completely different yet fun outing while also keeping fit at the same time!" said Marcel.

After a series of 9 matches that consisted of 6 group stages, 2 semi-finals and the finals that saw teams going through gruelling competitiveness, the winning team title was presented to Scissor Sisters which is non-other than Marcel's team with the first runner place going to ABBA.

The overall top scorer of the tournament went to Manuel Baldissera from Scissor Sisters team.

The winners with the top honours of the day walked away with prizes consisting of movie merchandise and trophies/medals while the rest also got their hands on goodie bags from Cinema Online.

The futsal tournament was held at All Rounder Futsal Centre aka. Indoor Futsal Centre, Petaling Jaya.

The participants registering themselves for the tournament at Cinema Online booth.

Cinnamon standing guard for the many goodie bags that await the players.

Time to pick teams!

And it's time for the games to begin.

Everyone getting in the mood for some serious futsal.

Please referee, one more chance? Can?

Some laid back to relax while catching the other teams play on court.

Time to count the scores.

At the end of the day after Scissor Sister and ABBA won, everyone laughed and joked around truly making the event a one to remember!

After 15 years of being Malaysia's movie partner, Cinema Online celebrates this significant milestone with a slew of planned activities for moviegoers through the rest of 2013. For more updates on our 15th anniversary celebrations, 'Like' our Cinema Online Turns 15! Facebook page now!

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Stay tuned for more activities hosted by Cinema Online for our 15th anniversary celebration!
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Cinema Online, 17 April 2013