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Movie Fiesta winners ride in Lotus

Writer: Dzamira Dzafri

The lucky winners of the Evora Dynamic Drive @ Sepang F1 Circuit contest last Saturday at the IPC Movie Fiesta 2013.

15 Apr – Joining in the fun at our IPC Movie Fiesta at IPC Shopping Centre can result in winning a once-in-a-lifetime experience of a drive in a Lotus Evora around the Sepang racetrack, in conjunction with the exclusively chromed Lotus Evora from "The Host" that's currently on display at the event!

Many flocked to stand a chance to ride in a Lotus Evora for the Evora Dynamic Drive @ Sepang F1 Circuit contest at the IPC Movie Fiesta last Saturday 13 April, but only five lucky winners were chosen and they were Nurunnajwa Binti Ibrahim (28), Linda Yong Yet Chan (52), Sandra Khoo Ying Ying (16), Lim Yuin Zi (23), and Wahida Binti Haji Abas (28).

Winner Linda Yong excited for her Evora Dynamic Drive experience!

16-year-old winner Sandra Koo ready for her yellow Lotus Evora.

Lotus personnel on ground to ensure the winners had a great experience.

Apart from experiencing the feel of riding the Lotus Evora around IPC Shopping Centre on the contest day itself in one of the six Lotus cars at the venue, their prize also includes a ride around the Sepang racetrack circuit, which will include the only two chrome Lotus Evora cars in Asia.

The cars were exclusively chrome-wrapped in conjunction with the recently released science fiction romance film, "The Host".

To win, participants underwent various fun activities on stage at IPC Shopping Centre, where one of which was to emanate the engine sounds of a Lotus Evora!

Many people also gathered at the annual movie festivities organised by Cinema Online and IPC Shopping Centre (formerly known as Ikano Power Centre) to join in other activities like meeting the characters from "G. I. Joe: Retaliation" and the upcoming "Marvel's Iron Man 3".

Children can also participate in the Best Look A-Like costume contest where they can dress up as their favourite movie characters, with costumes, make-up and accessories available right at the Costume Booth at IPC Movie Fiesta.

The crowd at the IPC Movie Fiesta.

See you at the IPC Movie Fiesta 2013 currently running until the 28 of April 2013 at the IPC Shopping Centre!

Cinema Online, 15 April 2013

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