Happy times with "Ribbit"

Happy times with "Ribbit"

Happy and fun times for the children!

15 Sep – The final weekend of "Ribbit" Movie Patrol has finally ended. Congratulations to the winners on last weekend Movie Patrol for winning the last giveaways of "Ribbit" movie passes.

On the last weekend of "Ribbit" Movie Patrol, the locations that we visited are MBO, KSL City Mall, Tesco Tebrau, Tesco Bukit Indah and Tesco Kulai.

Several activities were conducted at the Movie Patrol which includes a "Ribbit" Q&A session, a "Ribbit" themed puzzle session and a fun and relaxing colouring session for the little children.

Congratulations to this family for winning the free movie passes to "Ribbit"!

Fun puzzle session for this family.

Colouring session for the children!

Everybody can't wait to get their hands on "Ribbit" movie passes!

Last weekend is the final Movie Patrol conducted by Cinema Online, many thanks to the people who participated in our activities and games also congratulations to those who won the free passes to "Ribbit" film.

"Ribbit" is produced by KRU Studios and is directed and written by Chuck Powers. Back in June it won an award for Best Family Film at the Niagara Integrated Film Festival (NIFF).

"Ribbit" is released on 4 September 2014 in two versions; English and Bahasa Malaysia, in both 2D and 3D but the 3D version will only be available at TGV Cinemas.

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