CO Movie Day: "The Gallows"

CO Movie Day: "The Gallows"

Kanmani Adimoolom and her friend were among those excited to watch "The Gallows".

23 Jul – Fans of Cinema Online who are also fans of horror movies were in for a real treat yesterday as they were given the chance to catch "The Gallows" a day before its official release date.

Those who participated in the online contest for the movie passes were highly anticipating the horrific tale on the big screen.

"A review online says the movie is intense," said one contest winner, Vickneswaran Subramaniam. "So I want to see how intense it is."

Vickneswaran Subramaniam redeeming his movie passes.

Ee Hock Chuan is a horror movie fan who was looking forward to watching the movie.

Teng Thien Yong is another fan who was happy to win the passes.

Most said they are fans of horror movies and watching them is their hobby, hence the reason for wanting to watch "The Gallows".

There are some who were also expecting the movie to top recent releases such as "Ju-On 4: The Final Curse" and "Poltergeist".

However, the movie may not have lived up to expectation. When asked about their thoughts on it after the screening, many were unanimous in their verdict of it being lackluster and not scary.

"Nothing made me scream," said one audience member, Justine.

Iskandar Zulkarnain Abd Aziz: It's a school-related movie, it should be fun.

Cornie and her group of friends were ready for some big screen horror.

Natasha (right) hoped it would be as good as "The Blair Witch Project".

Presented in a found footage format reminiscent of 1999's "The Blair Witch Project", "The Gallows" follows a group of students attempting to re-stage a failed stage show from 20 years ago in a misguided attempt to honour the anniversary of the tragedy. They soon learn the hard way that some things are just not meant to be disturbed.

The movie stars Cassidy Gifford, Pfeifer Brown, Reese Mishler and Ryan Shoos, who all use their real first names in the horror thriller.

"The Gallows" is currently playing in cinemas.

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