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CO Movie Day: "Blair Witch"

Writer: Florey DM

Mohamed Hisbullah Bin Ahamed gives a thumbs-up to "Blair Witch".

15 Sep – This shaky cam sequel has left Cinema Online readers shaking in fear after its premiere last night.

Our readers, who joined our contest and won the passes to watch "Blair Witch" a day before its official release in cinemas, were looking forward to being scared and they weren't disappointed.

"I watched the first movie," said one winner, Ahmad Shazlan, adding that he wanted to see whether the sequel will live up to its predecessor, the 1999 "The Blair Witch Project".

The premiere screening took place at TGV Jaya Shopping Centre at 9.30pm on Wednesday evening.

Kok Sook Han (R) showing off her passes for "Blair Witch".

A Cinema Online reader ready to be scared by the horror movie.

Being a movie of the horror genre, "Blair Witch" managed to attract attention even though most of the audience members were not aware of it being a sequel to the 1999 movie, or even watched the first movie.

With the 17-year gap between the first movie and its follow-up, it was understandable that most of the winners did not watch the original movie that effectively shocked audiences everywhere with its clever marketing and found footage format (which had everyone thinking the movie was "real") when it was first released.

So many passes! This reader and his friends are definitely looking forward to the shaky sequel.

Another Cinema Online reader and her "Blair Witch" screening passes.

Winner Wong Yu Heng: I enjoy horror movie.

Just like the older movie, "Blair Witch" is presented as found footage. The sequel originally went by a different name ("The Woods") during filming to avoid being linked to the "Blair Witch" franchise. It was only after its Comic Con screening that the movie was changed to its true title.

Get shaken by "Blair Witch" in cinemas from today onwards.

Cinema Online, 15 September 2016