CO Movie Day: "Ride Along 2"

CO Movie Day: "Ride Along 2"

Cinema Online's "Ride Along 2" screening at GSC Cinemas, One Utama.

21 Jan – Lucky winners of Cinema Online's "Ride Along 2" contest got the chance to watch the hilarious action comedy before its official release in Malaysia.

"Ride Along 2"is showing in nationwide cinemas today onwards, but those who joined and won Cinema Online's contest get to watch it yesterday at GSC One Utama, for free!

Look at the number of people that were already lining up at our booth!

Many were excited to watch the comedy sequel which sees the comeback of Kevin Hart and Ice Cube returning to their respective roles as Officer Ben Barber and Detective James Payton.

"The first film was already so funny. I loved it so much! That's why I'm so looking forward to the sequel," said one of the winners, Nasrul Farhan Bin Nordin

Nasrul can't wait to watch the sequel!

Apparently, Nasrul was not the only one. Most of the winners actually came to watch "Ride Along 2" because they were already fans of the first movie.

These two friends; Fong Mei Yun and Daniel Mario Tangkas won the passes together!

This aunty helped her son Soo Kien Loong with his passes.

However, there are also some people who didn't watch the first movie but still wanted to watch the sequel because they are big fans of Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

"I didn't watch the first film, but I'm still so looking forward to watch this movie because Ice Cube is in it. I love his movies and I bet that this one is going to be just as funny as his other films," said Lisa Sofie Binti Adam.

Lisa is a huge fan of Ice Cube!

Gan Yoke Kheng and her plus one are also excited to watch "Ride Along 2"!

"Ride Along 2" follows Ben Barber and his soon-to-be brother-in-law James Payton who have to go to Miami to solve a huge case together with Detective Maya Cruz, regarding a drug dealer who is supplying the dealers of Atlanta with their product.

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