CO Movie Day: "Lights Out"

CO Movie Day: "Lights Out"

Happy winners that are looking forward to the scares in "Lights Out".

14 Jul – Cinema Online readers were recently given the chance to watch the anticipated horror movie, "Lights Out" – a week before its official release date in local cinemas!

Just by joining Cinema Online contests, lucky readers were able to get their hands on passes to attend the premiere screening held yesterday at GSC Paradigm.

Look at the crowd waiting to see horror movie, "Lights Out".

These happy winners are still smiling because they don't know the
horror that awaits them in "Lights Out".

Naturally, since everyone was very much entertained (or spooked?) by James Wan's recent movie, "The Conjuring 2", the audience was looking forward to watching "Lights Out" because it is produced by Wan.

Though understandably the style would be different as the movie is helmed by another director, the audience was anticipating the difference.

One audience member, Afifi, said with a grin, "I am expecting the jump scares".

Marcus is one of the horror movie fans that got to watch "Lights Out"
a week earlier than anyone else in Malaysia.

Bo Yee and Michelle: We like horror movies!

The horror movie aficionados that attended the screening were definitely not disappointed by the movie. Screams and gasps could be heard throughout the entire hall during the screening.

As the credits rolled, most of the audience members could be heard voicing their approval of the movie, saying that it was definitely a horror movie worth a watch.

Raymond can't wait to be spooked by "Lights Out".

Another happy winner, Revitha Devendran.

Directed by David F. Sandberg (also directing "Annabelle 2"), "Lights Out" tells the story of a family that gets threatened by a mysterious entity every time the lights go out.

"Lights Out" darkens big screens nationwide this 21 July.

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