CO Movie Day: "Dunkirk"

CO Movie Day: "Dunkirk"

These moviegoers came decked in army gears for the "Dunkirk" screening.

19 Jul – "Dunkirk" is the latest work from renowned filmmaker Christopher Nolan and lucky Cinema Online readers recently had the chance to watch the movie two days before it officially opens in local cinemas.

The premiere screening was held at MBO The Starling on Tuesday evening, attended by moviegoers who some even came dressed as army personnel.

For fans who won the tickets from Cinema Online, they got to watch the movie in the special MBO Big Screen hall.

When asked the reason for wanting to watch the movie, almost all the winners answered: "Christopher Nolan".

"Dunkirk" movie passes for yesterday's screening.

Justin and Jeremiah Anthony happily receiving their "Dunkirk" movie passes.

Daniel Lee Teck Aun said that even his German friends recommended the movie to him.

Nazatul Syamimi states director Christopher Nolan as her main reason for watching
the movie.

Having watched Nolan's previous movies such as "Interstellar", "Inception" and "The Dark Knight", these fans had complete faith in his latest work and believed that the war movie will be just as epic.

Some also answered that because it was a war movie and that is usually an interesting watch, looking at how the movie was shot and how it delivered the harrowing tale of life and death during the turbulent time.

Gloryann Ashvinee admits that Christopher Nolan is basically her "guru".

Another Nolan enthusiast, Wong Win Hun is already giving a thumbs-up to the war movie.

Terry also names Christopher Nolan as his favourite director.

Ee Hock Chuan and wife enjoy watching war movies such as "Dunkirk".

Cinema Online director Marcel Lariche (6th from right) also takes the chance
to snap a group photo with the "Dunkirk" fans.

Based on the true events that took place in Dunkirk during World War II, the movie stars the likes of Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh and One Direction member Harry Styles in his debut acting role.

"Dunkirk" marches onto the big screen this 20 July.

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