The Ultimate Cosplayers join Cinema Online for 'Movie Day' at the cinema

The Ultimate Cosplayers join Cinema Online for 'Movie Day' at the cinema

This little guy posed happily with the superhero cosplayers.

17 Jul – Cinema Online recently collaborated with The Ultimate Cosplayers community for a 'Movie Day' at the cinema.

The movie-watching event with the superhero community took place at mmCineplexes eCurve, with more than 30 superhero cosplayers such as Ant-Man, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Thanos, Deadpool and more in attendance.

The Ultimate Cosplayers were excited to catch the latest superhero movie at mmCineplexes eCurve.

Amir posed for a commemorative photo with Marcel Lariche, Director of Cinema Online.

Co-organiser Amir from The Ultimate Cosplayers expressed his gratitude towards Cinema Online who was willing to collaborate with them for the event.

Putting on the costumes was no quick and easy task.

Spider-Man also needed a hand putting on his mask.

"Our community often organises 'Movie Day' with the members every time there is a new superhero movie.

"We're very thankful that Cinema Online participated in organising this event as this will also give more exposure to our community," said Amir, who is also a member of the Star Wars Malaysia Fan Club.

Farabi cosplaying as Spider-Man.

Farabi Zawali, one of the founders of The Ultimate Cosplayers, said that the community was formed to gather those who share the same interest in superhero movies and cosplaying as superheroes.

"In Malaysia, there are actually a lot who are interested in cosplay but before this they did it individually because there was no community like this. Hence, my friend and I founded this community to gather those with the same interest as ours.

Ant-Man seemed bored waiting for Thanos to get ready.

Ghost Rider also joined in the 'Movie Day' fun.

"We don't only interact on social media but we also often arrange meetings with the community to do various activities together."

The IT consultant added that apart from gathering together to watch movies or hang out, they also often get invited for appearances at birthday parties and are involved in community projects by corporate companies.

Muhammad Syamim wore his homemade costume.

Talking about generating side incomes, indie filmmaker Muhammad Syamim said that his interest allowed him to generate income by getting paid to make superhero costumes.

"It's undeniable that superhero costumes are not cheap because it can reach thousands of ringgit, but my interest in it made me learn how to make my own costumes using YouTube tutorials.

Hulk tried to intimidate the ticket counter salesgirl but failed so he'd have to buy a ticket.
No free tickets for Hulk!

Deadpool coming in late as usual. Maybe he was stuck in jam, since he didn't have
his own car and had to come in a taxi.

"After my friends saw my work, they were willing to pay me to make the costumes that they wanted. I get to earn money doing something that I like."

Even though they have superpowers, they still had to line up for their movie tickets.

Looks like Thanos was trying to cut the line

Deadpool excited to get his popcorn and drink before entering the cinema.

Meanwhile, another cosplay fan that only wanted to be known as Wan Kedah said that age is nothing but a number when it comes to cosplaying, using himself as an example as he was still active with it despite his older age.

Wan is also the founder of Collectors Toy Fair Kuala Lumpur (CTFKL), which is the largest toy convention in Malaysia.

Wan Kedah is very active in cosplay.

Moviegoers taking the chance to take photos with their favourite superheroes.
Rambo also joined in the fun.

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