Iron Man vs Ip Man

Iron Man vs Ip Man

Iron Man   Ip Man
Born to a wealthy family in March 1963 on a writer's drawing desk through a Stan Lee comic – "Tales Of Suspense". Currently, 47 years old. Entered MIT at age 15 to study Mechatronic Engineering. Origin & Education Born to a wealthy family 1 October 1893 in Foshan, Guangdong province, southwest of China. Would have been 117 years old today. Received exceptional traditional education.
Strong business acumen, not to mention his metal armour and various associated sub-powers derived from it at some point or another in the comic timeline. Flight-enabled. Superpower Ability to fight using everyday objects like a feather duster (well, at least in the movie). Also his great charisma and organisation makes him a forefather in modern Chinese martial arts.
Shrapnel is lodged near his heart and he has to depend on his suit to survive. Weakness The safety of his wife and child. Also his amazing generosity and resultant poverty, since he has trouble paying the rent lady. Ip Man is also known to be a smoker.
Virginia "Pepper" Pots (Gwyneth Paltrow) who is also his secretary. Romance? Cheung Wing Sing (Lynn Hung) who disapproves of fighting and breaking of furniture in the house.
In over 40 years of publication, too many to list. In the films, he's up against people like rival biz partner Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges), rival technician Ivan Vanko / Whiplash (Mickey Rourke), undercover spy Natalia Romanova / Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and criminal financier Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell). Known enemies In the films, he has gone against a Northern kung fu master (Louis Fan), Japanese soldiers (usually in impossible numbers) and their General Miura (Hiroyuki Ikeuchi). He even battles arrogant British boxers (Darren Shahlavi) in the latest movie, not to mention a whole market-load of kungfu-enabled fishmongers.
At the age of 10, while living in London, actor Robert Downey Jr. attended the Perry House School in Chelsea and studied classical ballet! A girl thing According to at least one source, the art of Wing Chun was initially a defensive martial art taught to women who are vulnerable when washing clothes at the river!



Iron man will probably demolish the Wing Chun master but only with help of the armoured suit. Donnie Yen will probably beat Robert Downey Jr. to a pulp since we all know he even taught Wesley Snipes kung fu.


At the Malaysian box office, "Iron Man 2" is rated PG13 whereas "Ip Man 2" is rated 18, so we predict a solid victory for the Armored Avenger.


 Ip Man 2 (29 Apr) and Iron Man 2 (30 Apr) coming to cinemas soon!

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