Karate Kid: New vs Old

Karate Kid: New vs Old

The first Karate Kid in 1984 share many similarities with the 2010 remake of the same name. This original was so popular that it spawned three more movies in which Ralph Macchio reprises his role as Daniel LaRusso in "The Karate Kid II" and "The Karate Kid III", while "The Next Karate Kid" stars newcomer Hillary Swank.

There would be a tribute to Noriyuki "Pat" Morita's famous fly-catching technique using chopsticks by Jackie Chan, but in a modified version. A must see if you grow up watching the franchise!

Get ready for Jackie to spice up the classic scene!

Here is the comparison between characters of the original and remake.


Noriyuki "Pat" Morita and Jackie Chan

Mr. Kesuke Miyagi

Mr. Han

  • Eccentric, kind and humble

  • Migrated from Japan to United States.

  • An American war veteran.

  • An expert in karate.

  • Works as an electrician and as a janitor.

  • Peculiar & reserved

  • Born in China.

  • An expert in kung fu.

  • Works as a janitor.





Young actors Ralph Macchio and Jaden Smith.

Daniel LaRusso

Dre Parker

  • Moves from Newark, New Jersey to Reseda, Los Angeles, California.

  • Falls in love with a fellow student.

  • Bullied by a karate expert.

  • Know basic karate techniques through books and YMCA nights

  • Learns weird training methods such as "wax on, wax off", etc.

  • Taught in the art of karate.

  • Moves from Detroit, Michigan to Beijing, China.

  • Falls in love with a fellow student in Beijing Middle School.

  • Bullied by a kung fu expert.

  • Know basic karate techniques, hence dubbed "The Karate Kid" by bullies.

  • Learn a unique technique, combining his knowledge of karate with kung fu.

  • Taught in the art of kung fu.


Actors William Zabka and Zhenwei Wang as the mean ol' bullies.

 Johnny Lawrence
 Lui Wei Cheng
  • Learned karate

  • Ruthless due to the teaching of his master

  • Learned kung fu

  • Ruthless due to the teaching of his master


"The Karate Kid" posters.

Daniel LaRusso and his lady love Ali Mills.

Mei Ying and Dre Parker.
Practice makes perfect!

How high can you go?

Painting training for Daniel LaRusso.

The famous "wax on, wax off" training.

Homage to "wax on, wax off" with "jacket on, jacket off"?

Dre Parker practicing on the iconic Great Wall Of China.

Training time!

These kids mean business!

Johnny Lawrence vs Daniel LaRusso.

Dre Parker with mum before his match.

Dre Parker vs. Lui Wei Cheng.

Catch Dre Parker and Mr Han "The Karate Kid" opens in cinemas 10 June 2010!


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