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"Gerimis Mengundang" boost Indonesian market

Writer: Peter Chai

Finas chairman Datuk Md Affendi Hamdan (left) and Ahmad Idham (right).

31 May – Award-winning director Ahmad Idham has been doing his best to bring Malaysian films to the international stage these days and the veteran filmmaker is hoping to expand the local movie market to Indonesia with his latest romantic drama "Gerimis Mengundang".

Based on the classic song by Slam and the positively acclaimed musical written by Azwan Annuar, "Gerimis Mengundang", which starred Kamal Adli and Olivia Lubis Jensen, presents a moving and tragic love story about a Malaysian pilot who finds his true love with a young Indonesian rich girl.

"After so many years, whenever people mention "Gerimis Mengundang", they remember the song so well. Especially for the Indonesian fans, the song still remains popular in their country. It has become a brand. We spent time to study the market there and we decided to make this film as a tool for us to boost our movie market in Indonesia," said Idham.

"Those who had missed the musical in the theatre, this is your chance for you to watch it in the cinema," he added.

The romantic movie will be released in four countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore and it will be the first Malaysian movie to be screened in over 80 cinemas in Indonesia.

"I think that the movie will be accepted by the Indonesian audience because of the culture elements and the language used in the movie. In many ways, that connects us with them," said Datuk Md Affendi Hamdan, the chairman of National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS).

Catch "Gerimis Mengundang" in Malaysian cinemas on 31 May.

Cinema Online, 31 May 2012