Better Batman than Batffleck

Better Batman than Batffleck

Batffleck, you better reflect from all the haters.

While he might surprise us in 2015 with his portrayal of Batman in the upcoming Superman-Batman film, Ben Affleck still has a lot of convincing to do judging by fan reactions on various social media sites. Casting choices for our favourite comic book characters have had a history of surprising us, but in the end the actors were embraced fully like Heath Ledger as the Joker though there are a few mistakes that we will not ever, ever, forget, like George Clooney's Batman.

Let's hope it doesn't go that way again.

Though we love Ben Affleck for his movies like "Good Will Hunting" and "Argo", we listed a few actors that we would have loved as Batman instead.

Richard Armitage

Known for: "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" and "Captain America: The First Avenger".

The British actor has good looks and is getting a stronger and stronger reputation in the film world with roles in big franchises. But the films still have not been as much of a break-out role for him because he's usually overshadowed by many of his co-stars like Chris Evans and Martin Freeman.

Locking down the part for the caped crusader would have given him the chance to be up-to-par with his fellow co-stars, which is just what he deserves.

Jon Hamm

Known for: "Bridesmaids", "Mad Men", "30 Rock" and "Archer"

Scoring the role of Batman would have been nothing but perfect for Jon Hamm. Not only can he pull of the role but it is just the thing for him to lift off from being a television star to a film star.

His role as Don Draper in "Man Men" is iconic and we know he can pull off smooth and suave, but he also has a great sense of humour which is why he is a regular cameo guest for shows like "Saturday Night Live", "Archer" and "30 Rock". We also known that he can bring that certain edge we look for in a Batman.

Guy Pearce

Known for: "Memento", "Iron Man 3", "Prometheus", "The King's Speech".

Let's face it. The guy's a chameleon. He's a brilliant actor and even though his films and his own roles are nothing short of spectacular you still feel like he needs a boost, and you want to make him more well-known all over the world. Though he can probably play anything that might try to challenge him, he would play Batman with such grace (even better than that other blonde Batman, Val Kilmer).

He was also in "Iron Man 3" so we know he could pull of superhero movie pretty well. His knack of playing villainous roles can also pay off because Batman has more layers as an antihero than just a plain old superhero.

Paul Rudd

Known for: "Anchorman", "Clueless" and "I Love You Man".

Remember when they cast Michael Keaton as Batman, even if he did have more of a light-hearted comedy background? Keaton turned out to be a Batman that we grew up to love, and that's what we feel would be like if Paul Rudd were to have been cast instead.

Rudd has a long line of comedy films behind him, and the genre is no doubt his passion. His dramas aren't as well known and loved as his comedy but he could still pull it off. We would also love to give him a chance to play a superhero for a large franchise and he would have been a good fit for Batman.

Denzel Washington

Known for: "Flight", "American Gangster" and "Man of Fire".

While he might have been a wildcard because a white man was cast as every single Batman out there before this, but besides the fact that it would have been a good change, Washington's Batman would have been a classic.

The actor has serial acting chops and he would have brought maturity and sincerity to the superhero, which is what the producers were looking for when they cast Affleck.

Viggo Mortensen

Known for: "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy and "The Road".

Seeing that the producers who had cast Ben Affleck did want an older, wiser Batman, Viggo Mortensen would have been absolutely perfect. Him as Batman would have also made a lot of fans happy as he played the key lead in the "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy making him an instant fan favourite. Just imagine how it would look like if he added Batman into his resume? He would be unstoppable, which is probably why he wasn't chosen.

Matthew Goode

Known for: "Stoker", "A Single Man", "Watchmen" and "Leap Year".

Though he might not have been the perfect choice for what the producers were looking for, we would have been extremely ecstatic if Matthew Goode had been cast as Batman. He has striking good looks and he can portray people with dark secrets, which would mean that he would play a really good version of Batman.

We could even see him work rather well with Henry Cavill as Superman. He also has the advantage because he has previously worked with Zack Snyder, the director for "Man Of Steel" in "Watchmen". Goode was even considered to be the frontrunner for Batman before the role was given to Ben Affleck.

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